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 Tom House's Tour Dates

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David Olney's Tour Dates

Elliott Murphy's Tour Dates


Some Great Places

Club Passim, Boston

Radio Cafe, Nashville

Bluebird Cafe, Nashville

Douglas Corner, Nashville

Eddie's Attic, Atlanta

Anderson Fair, Houston

Vic's Music Corner, MD

Tin Angel, Philadelphia

Plowshares Coffee House, PA

Godfrey Daniels, PA

 Acoustic Brew, PA

Hotel du Nord, Paris, F

Happy Days, Den Haag NL

Nevin's Live, Evanston IL


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Eric with Susan Lindfors

This page is no longer updated as of 10/8/2002

Check Eric's tour dates at www.bluerubymusic.com  

It is recommended to give a call when possible


Oct. 8,  Paris, Les Etoiles,  with Mr Jones


Winter 2002

Nov 15, Rosendale NY, Rosendale Cafe, 845-658-9048

Nov 16, Hightstown, NJ, Outta Sights and Sounds  


Dec 5, CANCELLED  Decatur GA, Eddie's Attic  404-377-4976, with Denice Franke


Some reviews of Eric's shows in Europe, Fall 2000


Oct. 7-Leicester/Wymswold Hall * Show Review


Oct. 13, Reifstuhlhaus, Pfarrkirchen  


Oct. 27, Happy Days, The Hague (NL)