Eric Taylor in Germany in October 2000 - by Mr Jones  

Two pictures of a smiling Eric and of Eric with Mr Jones

It was a cold and rainy October afternoon. I had to drive 120 miles of detours and heavy traffic to get to the radio station. I always try to be in time, but that day it was especially important for me. A live radio show featuring Eric Taylor was scheduled for 7 pm and I was invited to be on the show with him.

I only had to wait a little while before Eric showed up. A 'hello - how's it been going', a hug then we entered the studio not missing to talk about his new album on our way in. And then the show. The radio guy introduced us both to the listeners. 'Eric Taylor - a living legend, Texas songwriter and Mr Jones - regional hero who recently acclaimed international attention'. Ain't that a start.

Eric did 'Two Fires' from the album 'Resurrect' live in the studio. If you have never seen him play - let me tell you it's amazing. He will not miss a single note, it always sounds like it's not live but played from the record. He's perfect.

Then an interview about what's it like to perform in Germany and to tour Europe. Above all Eric mentioned that meeting his friends here in Europe is a great pleasure for him. Then two tracks from his new - not yet released - record 'Your God' and 'Where I Lead Me', a Townes Van Zandt classic. Without Townes, Eric and me we probably never would have met.

After that I got to talk about how I first met Eric in Atlanta back in 1998, about our shows in Pfarrkirchen - my hometown - and about my performances in the United States. I played 'I Need To Know' a new song live in the show.

I enjoyed the show a lot - afterwards we drove home to my house in Pfarrkirchen. And then there was time to sit and talk and I enjoyed that even more. While you are on the road or when you meet people who are on the road you often run out of time to talk. And talking to Eric can last the whole night through - as it did. 

The next day we relaxed and prepared for the show. It was a sellout - but during the show you could've heard a pin drop. Me and my band opened, did a 45 minute set of my own songs and the audience was great. I introduced Eric - which was almost not necessary cause most people were there for last years show, too.

And then Eric played for over 90 minutes without a break. He asked Karin Janssen from my band to help out with the harmony vocals. And then the last song of the night was 'Nothin' from Townes. And it was a major experience to share the verses to this song with Eric. The song of a guy who was a friend of Eric as well as he was mine. Just thrilling and nothing more to say.

Sitting and talking of course was a big part of the following night too but the next morning we had to say goodbye. Eric had to leave for a show in Langenau 200 miles away from Pfarrkirchen.

But guess who showed up in the audience that night ;-)


'Don't be sad about having to say goodbye

 Look forward to the next hello!'

 (Mr Jones)