The former web home for Guy Clark ran from some time in 1993 until 12/28/97. I've not heard from the author, but from what I can gather, his efforts were valiant. Unfortunately, his retirement left the world wide web with no Guy Clark home.

Excerpt from
From: Christopher Lakey
To: Friends of Guy Clark
Subject: guyclark-friends: Time to Fly
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 97 22:46:37 +0000

Days up & down they come like rain on a congo drum
Forget most remember some but don't throw none away
Everything is not enough & nothin' is too much to bear
Where you been is good & gone all you keep is the gettin' there

Doing the Guy Clark page and mailing list has been a fine time for me. I've got to meet some great people on the net and I've actually got to meet some great people in real life. I know I wouldn't have gotten into the Keepers release party if it wasn't for my work on the web page. I've put a lot of energy into the page and list but it seems to always require more and now I'm so busy working that I don't have to for even the small things. I will always cherish the experience and the friends.

Oh To Live Is To Fly both low and high
So shake the dust off of your wings & the sleep out of your eyes
(So shake the dust off of your wings & the tears out of your eyes)

Goodbye to all my friends it's time to go again
Think of all the poetry & the pickin' down the line
I'll miss the system here the bottoms lows & the treble's clear
But it don't pay to think too much on the things you leave behind
We all got holes to fill & them holes're all that's real
Some fall on you like a storm sometimes you dig your own
The choice is yours to make time is yours to take
Some sail upon the sea some toil upon the stone

I wish I could keep on operating the list and page forever. However, next week Physitron is installing a new system to handle mail and web pages. I do not wish to be in control of this system because it takes too much time to be webmaster and postmaster for the company, especially considering this is not really part of my main job. There are also other projects I wish to tackle. The Guy Clark project started because I was in school and had time (holes to fill) and two new fascinations: The Web and Guy Clark. That was almost five years ago. I've enjoyed my stay at this port, but now it's time to sail.

This is all well and good for me, but where does it leave you, the people who have come to depend on my efforts? A community has been formed and if the members of that community value it, I'm sure they will be willing to come forward and take action. There are numerous provides that will host the list for a small fee. I suggest that someone volunteer to be in charge and take up a collection. Perhaps some sponsors could be found. Here's a site which has some good resources.

I have tried to set sail before, but for various reasons I have had trouble letting go. This time I must. I will also have to stop hosting the about-townes list. It's hard to believe that I started the about-townes list at the beginning of this year. Hopefully someone will continue this effort and even work hard to develop it.

I will not be able to move the lists over, so if nobody volunteers to find a new server for the lists, I will just have to shut them down when the new server is installed. I expect this to be in place by Monday, Janaury 5, possibly sooner. I really have enjoyed all of the good times and even the bad times on the list. It has definitely been a growing experience for me. I fully expect to continue being a member of the list, but with someone else at the helm.

I am sure that everyone understands.

Sincerely, -topher

PS: This time I can't change my mind.

End of excerpt

I hope that covers it, with all due respect to Christopher Lakey. Thanks Topher!

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