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1.Who Do You Think You Are (3:25) 6.Heartbroke (3:02)
2.Crystelle (3:04) 7.The Partner Nobody Chose (3:08)
3.New Cut Road (3:44) 8.She’s Crazy for Leavin’ (2:54)
4.Rita Ballou (3:12) 9.Calf-Rope (2:35)
5.South Coast of Texas (3:46) 10.Lone Star Hotel (3:23)

Liner Notes ENGINEERD BY DONIVAN COWART at Magnolia Sound Studios, North Hollywood, Calif. MUSICIANS Guy Clark, Guitars, Vocals; Richard Bennett, Lead Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Concertina, Lap Steel, Triangle; Emery Gordy, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Ernie Ball Bass; Hank DeVito, Steel Acoustic and Electric Guitars; Glen D. Hardin, Keyboards; Larri Londin, Drums and Percussion; Rodney Crowell, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals; Vince Gill, Vocals; Ricky Skaggs, Fiddle; Vocal on "Heartbroke" WITH Frank Reckard, Lead Guitar on "Rita Ballou"; Roseanne Cash, Vocal on "Crystelle"[ ]Vince Gill courtesy of Casablanca Records, Roseanne Cash courtesy of Epic Records[ ]Special Thanks to Susanna Clark, Donivan Cowart, Walter Martin Cowart, Mary Martin, The Mudflaps, Michael Brovsky, and the Musicians. Mastered at The Mastering Lab, Hollywood, by Mike Reese. Photography: Jim McGuire. All songs by Guy Clark except "The Partner Nobody Chose" and "She’s Crazy For Leavin" by Guy Clark and Rodney Crowell, Free Flow Productions is a division of the Brovsky Stewart Group, Austin, Texas. ©1981 Warner Bros. Records Inc.


Who Do You Think You Are
I like that word cosmic it’s just the way that people
Tend to use it that offends my sense of survival

I love the way you talk honey that’s very rock & roll
You said you come from Texas but I don’t believe so

Who do you think that you are
To be jivin’ me like that
Who do you think you are

Who do you think that you are
To be jivin’ me like that
Who do you think that you are

One leg at a time one leg at a time
Honey I’ll be you put your britches on one leg at a time
You can’t fool me no you can’t fool m
Cause I have been to Fort Worth and you can’t fool me


You know what the say ‘bout havin too much fun
Oh they tell you that it can’t be done
But I’m feelin’ real good I never have felt greater
I don’t believe you can put too much gravy on tomatoes



Crystelle you temptress you creature of back booths
So accomplished at dancin’ when walkin’ would do
There’s a neon fire in you eyes reflecting off a rhinestone tear
Fixed upon you cheek to see who cares
And that’s way too much for a country boy who stares

Life is iust a private joke she said it like that was the punch line
Me I fell in love now wouldn’t you
There’s a fine madness in he air it comes and goes like honeysuckle
Sent to you free from what to do
Oh me I fell in love now wouldn’t you

Oh that Crystelle She’s barely a woman
Oh that Crystelle She’s hardly a child
Oh that Crystelle I know she saw me comin
But doesn’t Crystelle have beautiful smile

She’s a reason to be reckless she;s the right to rock & roll
She’s exactly what they mean when tey told you not to go
Her breath’s as sweet as chewing gum her heart’s a gold as kingdom come
She’s heaven sent and hell bent to run
Oh me I fell in love now wouldn’t you

New Cut Road

Coleman Bonner was a fiddle playin’ fool
A backwoods rounder and a breaker of mules
Coleman Bonner’s got a wore out bow
He’s been playin two days down the new cut road

Coleman’s little sister said you better act right Coleman
Daddy;s gone to Louisville He’ll be back tonight
He’s gonna get another wagon and a good pair of mules
And we gonna move to Texas we just waitin’ on you

Coleman’s daddy he pulled up in the yard
He said pack up you lives kids it’s gettin’ to hard
Kentucky’s alright but there’s too many people
Just the other day I thought I saw a church steeple

Coleman said daddy you don’t neet to worry ‘bout me
I’m gonna stay here in Kentucky till the day I d.
I’m gonna drink that sourmash and race that mare
I got me a woman with the fox red hair

Y’all been movin’ west since the day you go married
Well I’m gettin’ off the wagon daddy I’m too old to be carried
I’m gonna stay here in Kentucky where the bluegrass grows
And I’m gonna play it all night down the new cut road

Coleman’s daddy said now what’s it all comin’ to
Young people these days are as stubborn as mules
You can’t make him go he’s too old for that
It’s that damned old fiddle and that bowler hat

Coleman’s mama said le the boy stay cause
He’s raised up right and he can find his own way
But as for me honey I’m with you
I always thought Kentucky was just passin’ through

Coleman’s little sister started in a crying
And his daddy shook his head for the very last time
Coleman’s mama said somebody’s gotta do it
There wouldn’t be no Kentucky unless you didn’t stick to it Coleman

Coleman Bonner stood on the porch of that cabin
And watched em all go to Texas in a covered wagon
He pulled out his fiddle and rosined up his bow
And played a little tune called the New Cut Road

South Coast of Texas

The south coast of Texas is a thin slice of life
It’s salty and hard it it stern as a knife
Where the wind is for blwon’ up hurricanes for showin’
The snakes how to swim and the trees how to lean

The shrimpers and their ladies are out in the beer joints
Drinkin’ em down for they sail with the dawn
They’re bound for the Mexican Bay of Campche
And the deck hands are singin’ adios Jole Blon

There’s snowbirds in search of that sunshine and night life
And fond of greasin’ palms down the beach as they’re goin’
This livin’ on the edge of the waters of the world
Demands the dignity of whooping cranes and
The likes of Gilbert Roland


In the cars of my youth how I tore thru those sand dunes
Cut up my tires on them oyster shell roads
But nothin’ is forever say the old men in the shipyards
Turnin’ trees into shrimp oats Hell
I guess they ought to know



Who wouldn’t notice the fire in your eyes
Or the bitter direction of impending goodbyes
I’m fallen and folded and wilted in place
At the sight of you standing with streaks down your face

Heartbroke and runnin’ from the reason
Heartbroke Don’t give up on believin’ in me
Heartbroke Who kept me from leavin’ with my

Pride is a bitch and a bore when your lonely
Sheer madness prevails upon reason to yield
But all is not lost it is only mistaken
That’s small consolation but I know just how you feel


Nobody said it was goin’ to be easy
We all have feelings that need a softer touch
But nobody said that it would not be worth it
The human condition continues as such


The Partner Nobody Chose
Guy Clark and Rodney Crowell

Chorus I
She’s a melodoy in search of the words I love you
She’s a rose with rose with no room to grow
She’s a light in the night with nowhere to shine
She’s the partner that nobody chose

She’s tried and she’s tried
And she’s tried to keep on lovin’
But every man she loved broke her heart

Chorus II
She’s a melody in search of the words I love you
She’s a rose with no room to grow
She’s a light in the night with nowhere to shine
She’s a refuge where nobody goes

She’s fallen and stumbled
And stumbled and fallen
And no one picked her up when she fell

She’s stood up with hope up
That someone would show up
Someday you never can tell

Chorus I
Chorus II

She’s lonesome and nobody knows

She’s Crazy For Leavin’
Guy Clark and Rodney Crowell

Well the bus pulled away
In a roaring black cloud
I stood in the road
Honey I hollered right out loud

Hey Darlin’ I love ya
Hey bus driver whoa
But you can’t stop a woman who is out of control

She’s crazy for leavin’
I told her so
And the boys at the bus stop
Just said man let her go
She’s crazy for leavin’
I told her so
But you can’t stop a woman
Who is out of control

I punched out my truck
On a telephone pole
She never looked back
She just said go driver do

I know I could of stopped her
But I ran out of lock
She was long gone to Lufkin
Byt the time they got me out of the truck


So I kicked and I cussed
That old east Texas road
I throwed rocks at my truck
Which had busted my nose

Add insult to injury
What do you get
A bust stop full honkys
That don’t never forget



The last time it snowed in Del Rio hell froze
I could not believe that I missed it
So far from the border so close to the line
Son I almost got down and kissed it

But it’s too far from home and it’s too late to look back
Two times a night make it tough
Bee Spears showed me the day that I met him
Too much ain’t never enough

Lord this old road she’s enough to make you holler
Holler Calf-Rope -- Make you holler Calf-Rope

Let me just say that the road to good intentions
Is paved with the fools I’ve been
You can get up or stay up, it’s all the same com sunup
All you got to do it is go again

Lord this old road she’s enough to make you holler
Holler Calf-Rope-- Make you holler Calf-Rope
Calf-Rope-- Make you your
Nose to the road grind runnin’ right on road time
Gone deaf dumb and road blind you can chalk it up to road crime

It’s a fool of the road kind tryin’ to make the road rhyme with
Calf-Rope -- Make you holler Calf-Rope

Lone Star Hotel

The Lone Star Hotel Cafˇ is nothing but a
dive, and Florence Smith showed up there,
Lord every day at five
Florence was a waitress
Have I mentioned that before?
Serving beer to strangers and to some she’d seen before

Florence used to ride a little Apaloosa mare
in thebarrel race at the rodeo with all that beehive hair
There’s a picture of her on the wall, as you pay your check
Lord, didn’t she look good back in nineteen fifty six?

I was lovin’ Florence and she was ignorin’ me
Florence had experience, it was the first time out for me
Lord, I tried to tell her, but the only words I found
Were "Give me greasy enchiladas and a beer to wash it down"

Florence quit the Lone Star Hotel, and never was seen again
And me, I quit west Texas, and I ain’t been back since then
That was years ago, Lord, too many can I recall?
But I remember Florence and them pictures on the wall

So here’s to you west Texas, you old rodeo queen
How I miss your beer joints and shuffle board machines
Here’s to you west Texas, how I miss the smell
Of greasy enchiladas, at the old Lone Star Hotel