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1. Baby Took A Limo To Memphis (3:34) 13. Dublin Blues (4:29)
5. The Cape (3:29) 16. Immigrant Eyes (4:08)
9.Randall Knife (4:46)   

Liner Notes
Steve Earle Townes Van Zandt Guy Clark Together at the Bluebird Cafe

This CD comes from an amazing show on September 13, 1995 at the Bluebird Cafe. Susanna Clark put the evening together as a benefit for the Interfaith Dental Clinic. Townes was the best I ever saw him, and the night was a veritable love fest. In 19 years of seeing shows at The Bluebird, this stands out as one of the very best. - Amy Kurland, The Bluebird Cafe

When I asked Guy, Townes, and Steve to help me raise money for the Interfaith Dental Clinic I had no idea what a stir it would cause. I am spoiled. These are kitchen table friends. I get to hear their songs first and these three poets are my yardstick for songs. I am an innocent song snob. Not my fault. Theirs.

I found out that these three gentle, crazy and generous souls have changed song history. Thier own way, without even trying, or even knowing it. So for thirty years, the ones that didn't knock when the came through our front door, will slide into your sould just as quietly, and apparently into history the same way.

Not with publicists, but with one "you gotta listen to this" at a time. Susanna Clark