Here's what I've found out there on Guy Clark. The quality varies. What I've learned in doing this is that every good link dies eventually (without warning). Please tell me if one is dead (and where it went if you can)!

General Web Sites

Fan Site by Bill "Gator" Greene. Great job, Bill.

What's For Sale on Ebay?

Austin City Limits Episodes

MSNBC article (is now gone). This (was) pretty comprehensive and interesting. profile. This has a pretty good bio.

The All Music Guide is a great resource.

The photo at the right was taken by Clay Roach at Spring Fest in Live Oak, FL, March 24-25, 2001. Clay was kind enough to share these photos with us. Click for more photos from this show.

Here are some previously unlinked photos from Blue Highways Festival, March 18th 2000.

When I went to the Bluebird Cafe in 1999, I was stunned by Jim McGuire's photo display on the wall. Now, you can catch a glimpse too. Click here for a direct link to Guy's photo.

Steven Fromholz put has a web page! In his scrapbook, there's some photos of Guy.

Lyle Lovett's CD release party (from Vince Bell's site, complete with description).

Lyle Lovett's album Step Inside This House has some nice photos of him and Guy.

1998 Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival: One, and Two
Ray Wylie Hubbard Photo Album - Ray and friends
A Boy Meets Guy Clark
Guy and friends at MerleFest 1997
At Mac's Backroom Bar, McGrory's Culdaff, Inishowen, Co. Donegal, Republic of Ireland

Guy with Eric Taylor. May 15, 1998, London. I am really bummed that this site is no longer up. Maybe it will come back some day.

Songbuilder: The Life and Music of Guy Clark.
I found it pretty good and informative. It definetely focuses on the author's favorite albums. The only American source Village Records is out of stock. It is not known if more will come in.

Here's a review for it here. Boy it's tough to keep track of these things through the years.

Cold Dog Soup
Stereophile Magazine
The Rural Route Twangzine
In The Tradition (Music Monitor?)
Gary Whitehouse (DEAD LINK)
MSNBC. This is actually much more than a review of Cold Dog Soup. It is a pretty well done introduction to Guy's music, complete with sound samples.
Music Monitor
Salon Magazine
Country Standard Time
The Rural Route Twangzine
Dublin Blues
Addicted to Noise
LA Times review: (3/3/01) I lifted this from their website without permission. There used to be more reviews of Guy, but they've dissappeared.
MIA: The Rural Route Twangzine had a review from 1/23/99. Gone.
In London w/ Eric Taylor (5/15/98). This is a good article. If you've seen Guy live, this article is like cliff notes.
Gloucester County Times (1995 concert in Philadelphia)

Media Articles: please help me fill this in
Performing Songwriter Issue 34, December 1998. Contains a brief interview.

Acoustic Guitar Magazine featured Guy in Issue #58, October 1997. See my gearbox excerpt for value-added equipment info (it's pretty cool)

Goldmine Magazine featured Guy Clark in the March 28th 1997 issue (Vol. 23, No. 7, Issue 435). It used to be available on the web, but it's entered the information super trash heap somewhere. A very nice person in Austrailia sent me a paper copy. Thanks!
?? Texas Special Issue 266 (October 5, 1990)

Omaha Rainbow Follow the link for the complete interview from issue 15 (12/77). Also, check out the cover of Issue 30 (summer 1982), and Issue 20, Spring 1979 may have an article about him.

American Songwriter article from about 1988.

Rodney Crowell interview that mentions Guy. Version with picture here

Bootlegs. I don't have any of these, but this guy has tons of great stuff. If nothing else, it serves as concert history.

ASCAP Publishing Info:
Simply enter "Clark, Guy" and you'll be able to see how I developed the Guy by others page.

The old Fan Club that has not been active for some time. Here's the skinny:
Several years ago I was publishing a newletter called Friends of Guy Clark. At the time, it was difficult to find Guy's albums in record stores and Friends of Guy was an attempt to give people access to his work and publicize his gigs. As his recordings became easier to find due to reissues on CDs, etc. it didn't make financial sense for Guy to support the newsletter and because the mailing list was growing rapidly I could not finance the effort on my own. So the answer is no, the club is not active. Thanks for the info Jo Ann!

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