8/21/08. Sunset on above western Kentucky. It's pretty mostly due to air pollution from coal-burning power plants.

The smog intermingles with late afternoon thunderclouds and dissipates light beautifully orange.

8/24/08. Mark and Monica took us up the Ohio river.

8/24/08. This is a huge sandbar made from dredging the main channel. There were about 30 boats this day.

8/26/08. Getting started in Nashville. Here's the city from an East Nashville highway (I40) looking west.

We camped at Cedars of Lebanon park in the rain. About as fun as it sounds.

8/27/08. Shelby Bottoms park; a telephoto lens shot from 40 feet away.

This is the train tressle over the Cumberland River, from inside nature center.

8/28/08. Piercy Priest Lake. Sunrise from Anderson Road campground/day use area.

I wish it was for esthetics we watched the sunrise. Job and apartment hunting makes it hard to sleep.

This prancy duck was so tranquil gliding over the water at daybreak.

But she was used to people and wanted Wheaties or something.

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