I drove late after the show in Brooklyn. We spent about $30 in tolls getting through NY and NJ! We camped briefly at Lums Pond in Delaware.

8/06/08. Lums Pond, Delaware. A turtle made his way into this shot.

An old church in Maryland (drive by).

8/06/08. We saw some cool stuff in Washington DC.

8/07/08. Winston, NC. The city was very tidy, and the light was coming in great.

8/09/08. I lost a day. We covered some ridiculous miles leading up to the show in Raleigh. I was tired of the pace, the shows, and sorta hit the bottom.
The show in Raleigh was really fun. We drove all night afterwards and got to Chattanooga, TN to play outdoors.

8/09/08. Chattanooga, TN.

8/11/08. Nashville, TN.

Music row, Nashville.

That's it! These are the 'photographic' aspects of the trip my camera captured. I've put up 50 pictures from 3 weeks: I snapped 1108 pictures to get them (less than 5%).

8/11/08. Nashville. The one shot of the four of us. Thank you Debbie.

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