By Wednesday. 7/30, we were in Minneapolis, MN, and these pics cover shows in Racine, WI, Detroit, MI, Cleveland, OH, and Brooklyn, NY. There were some other adventures, like our show in Buffalo and our stay at the country music RV park, but these stops did not yield any good photos.
7/30/08, Minneapolis, MN

7/31/08. Racine, WI. Lake Michigan. I threw a Tecate can. I don't remember having any Tecate.

The boys in the band.

8/01/08, Friday. Hamtramck (Detroit area) MI. We arrived way too early and there was little to see or do.

8/02/08. Cleveland, OH.

We typically rushed to the gig, arrived early enough to do something but had no plan or money to do anything.

I walked down about 3 miles to catch the sunset on Lake Erie.

8/04/08. Nigara Falls, NY. We were here long enough to walk by and look over the edge and back to the car.

8/05/08. So we drove all across New York. It was beautiful. We finally got to NYC.

8/05/08, Brooklyn, NY. A good friend from high school made it down and snapped these ones.

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