The tour started on 7/24 in Salt Lake City and my part ended in Nashville on August 10th. Things were so hectic and the distances were far. It was a great experience and I learned and saw a lot.

7/10/08. Nashville. Mossy Ridge trail, Warner Park.

We made several trips to Nashville before the tour, getting gear, planning our move, taking hikes.

7/14/08. Kentucky. Debbie's new guitar that went on on tour. Thank you darlin'.

7/24/08. Nashville. Waffle House parking lot, pre-flight a.m. The adventure began with 2 hours sleep, 6 hour flight delay.

7/24/08. Later that day, Pioneer Days, ("Mormon 4th"), Salt Lake City.

7/25/08. Green River, WY.

7/25/08. Fort Collins, CO.

Fort Collins had a great vibe. The show was really fun.

7/27/08. Denver, Larimer Lounge parking lot.

7/29/08. Adair, IA. We stopped for gas and lunch.

7/29/08. Iowa City, IA.

Iowa City was very cool, but the recent catastrophic flooding had put a damper on the night life or town's mood.

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