Added 07/19/2001 Devil's Music, by Greil Marcus, 

Esquire, December 1998


Added 04/18/2001 Interview with Tom, published in Destroy The Sun


 Tom wrote a text about how it was to be a songwriter in Nashville some 25 years ago...

Read it in Shaun Belcher's Flying Shoes Review



12 pp., $3.00

House has never been one to shy away from trouble, and his strong political (if not necessarily "politically correct") stances have always been clear. This time House attacks media manipulation, government seduction, planetary self-destruction, fuckin' the flag in the name of punk, politics and pornography, televised evangelists, and a hundred other things that piss him off so much that even the anarchists are afraid to take him on. This is hard core, without pretense or plastic presentation.--Oberc


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