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Oct. 30th 2002, Live at the Bluebird, Nashville TN, left to right: Jenn Adams, Jeffrey Foucault, Lori McKenna and Tom.


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"Just bought Tom's cd, "til you've seen mine", and started to wander into it. He's pure and hard, and a poet, and a poet's heart. And by God, I do admire his work."


"Here's photos from all day conference in Wilson, NC (04/11/2001). I read some and played some in the afternoon and then we all performed in the round that night.  The picture left, that's Sheila Kay Adams on the one side. She's a poet who also sang a bunch of the old mountain ballads she'd learned from her granny. The same (or close) to the old Child Ballads. She did one a capella 60-some verses of "Matty Groves".

 "That's R.B. Morris on the other side. He and I hit it off wonderfully. He's got a very laidback thoughtful way about him and played some mighty pretty songs. Was a great day all the way around". Tom House


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Tom and Danny Schmidt, Louisville, August 2001 (Click to enlarge)

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This picture is me with David Rigsbee, poet-friend I went to high school with, hadn't seen in about 30 years. Damn that's happening a lot. (Wilson, North Carolina, 4/11/2001)

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Crossing Border Festival

the hague october 1999

pictures by mary ann chase

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Fair and Tender Ladies performance

<- Tommy Goldsmith, Tom House and Karren Pell (left), hoover library auditorium (hoover, al), jan 1999


scott chase