Eric taylor, Toogenblik, Brussels, Oct. 17, 2003, with Dutch percussionnist Angelo Vandenburgh and great singer Coco York ( Mr Jones, who opened for Eric also joined for some background vocals, along with Susan Lindfors & Jelle Douma

Set list was as follows:

Brand new song, typical of Eric's genre, DADGAD, with capo on the fourth fret. Even Susan couldn't tell me the title... Where I Lead Me; Prison Movie (with Susan Lindfors); Walking back home; Chicken Pie; All so much like me (with Susan, and Eric's Dutch brother/driver Jelle Douma). Then Coco York took the stage for Sometimes I feel like a motherless child, wityh Eric on blues guitar and great percussion by Angelo. First set closed with Bread & Wine.

Second set opened with Deliah/Bad News from heaven; Brand New Companion, with Coco York sharing vocals; Two Fires with Jones, Susan & Jelle on vocals). Only one encore, Townes' Nothing.

Toogenblik' MC, Luc Gheldof

Angelo_Toogenblick100.jpg (51718 octets)

Angelo_Toogenblick101.jpg (52890 octets)

Angelo_Toogenblick102.jpg (41330 octets)

Angelo Vandenburgh on percussion


Susan_Lindfors_Toogenblick101.jpg (56691 octets)

Susan_Lindfors_Toogenblick100.jpg (40396 octets)

Susan_Lindfors_Toogenblick103.jpg (47494 octets)

Susan_Lindfors_Toogenblick102.jpg (49577 octets)

Susan_Lindfors_Toogenblick104.jpg (43506 octets)

Susan Lindfors

Susan_Lindfors_Toogenblick105.jpg (53988 octets)

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