Have you seen my sweet
Sunny South tonight?
Have you seen her
in my brother's Bonneville?
She's been goin' for that
Georgia-Carolina line
She said she wouldn't leave,
I believe she will

Her mother was a carney,
cotton-candy, tuinals
Her father was a Mason, skin and bone
And when she shot him he just sat down on the floor there in the hall
And he took my Sunny South
and went for home
I have been to that sweet Sunny South
Big Magnolia kissin' Cotton
on the mouth
Take my legs man,
I think they'll tell it best
They turned me 'round
and then I headed West

Have you seen my little Albert
with his hair combed down?
Lemon sweaters, sharks
and forty dollar shoes
All the women down on Dowling howling all around this town
Albert gave them all more love than they could use

Have you seen the smokin' Lightnin' hit the music in the back?
And have you seen Rodriguez
playin' with his cane?
Little Albert finds his station
on some Georgia Pontiac
And leaves my Sunny South
out in the rain


Eric Taylor - Guitar and vocal
Rock Romano - Bas
James Gilmer - Percussion
Alena Richardson, Anne Lockhart, Rock Romano - Supporting vocals