Here comes Jesus, big black Bojangles
Grand good dancin'
with a change of heart
Here comes Judas,
lookin' fast and clean
"Lord, thank you
for the women and the limosine"

Great big fun
when you feel this good
I won't die but they wish I would
Give me forty days and forty nights
I intend to resurrect this time

here comes Lincoln,
with a gun of his own
Said he's goin' to shoot back
when he gets home
Here comes Booth, curtain calls again
"Get to whistlin' 'Dixie'
down in Dixieland"


Here comes Cassanova,
with his heart on his sleeve
Pretty hat in his hand,
pretty shoes on his feet
Here come all the women,
plain walkin' on the nines
"Hey Cass meet Judas,
we're with him tonight"


Here comes Johnson,
little Robert got a plan
He's goin' to sweet-talk the devil and then kill 'im where he stands
Here comes the devil,
with a big blue guitar
"Boy, I heard you singin'.
Pretty good so far"


Eric Taylor - Guitar and vocal
Mike Sumler - Piano
Rock Romano - Bass
James Gilmer - Percussion
Alena Richardson, Anne Lockhart, Rock Romano - Supporting vocals