I think that Robert Mitchum
was the best of the mad-man preachers
And I think that Howard Hughes
was a fool
I still think Sonny stole the little glass dog that sat up by the window
And I think I would go crazy
without you

I think the Cubans did kill Kennedy, I think it's written down somewhere
And I think that all of Hollywood
is lost
I think there's maybe sixteen dollars in my jacket by the chair
And I think you ought to
sit down here and talk

Black-eyed girl, Comanche
Friend of the Mockingbird
Make the coward take his chances
Make the liar keep his word
You know that song
about the Boulevard
I meant every thing I said

I think I played a game of gin
one time in Oklahoma city
I think I've seen a bracelet
made from guitar strings
I think he said he fell
from a fourth floor window
and it didn't hurt 'im any
And I think thst you should stay right here with me


I think there's a place
there in West Memphis that's
just crawlin' with the cops
And I think that poetry and jazz
are lies
I think it's wrong that all good whiskey costs more by the shot
And I think you ought
to hold on one more night


Eric Taylor- Guitar and vocal
Mike Sumler - Piano
Gene Elders - Violin