There's a bend in the river,
Cross the road
Bluebird tappin'
on my jail-house door
Little baby angel, Hail Mary!
Pocket full of money
and a jail-house key

Birdland, Birdland
Everybody's flyin', finally
Birdland, Birdland
The happy hereafter's got wings for me

The barnyard chickens
sing a barnyard song
If we hens could fly,
we'd all be gone
Leave the farmer
with a found farewell
And leave the red-tailed rooster
just mad as hell


Back street alley, rooms by the week
This lucky bird is on a losin' streak
Open my window and laugh out loud
Flap my arms on my way down to


Sweet sing the Mockingbird,
call from the crow
The cuckoo and the crazy loon drinkin' down below
My little chick-a-dee,
now what's her name?
She's in a hot love dance
with the whoopin' crane


Eric Taylor - Guitar and vocal
Mike Sumler - Organ, piano
James Gilmer - Percussion
Eric Demmer - Saxophone