Trip the Light, by Andy Hunt


Tripping on the light fantastic

With your lips of plastic

Painted all up like a doll

Feeling ten feet tall

And nobody told you

That he hold you but he did

So now you're gonna have to live

You know you want to so just give


Now in your finest hour

The petals will fall from the flower

Far quicker than you know

So get on with the show

Cause you can't imagine

How easy it is to fall

When you're ten feet tall

So shake those flowers off the wall


Your nuclear family's exploded

Your parents are rich and bloated

Floated up to heaven just the same

So who's left to blame

There's only some music

But you refuse to sing the blues just the same

So drag your feet across the flame

And take the pleasure with the pain


copyright 2001 Andrew Hunt

All rights reserved.