Old Chevy, by Andy Hunt


Well I drove that ol' Chevy

Till the wheels fell off

Then I parked her out front in the drive

I was always gonna fix her

But ol' time she's a trickster

And by then the engine had gone hard


Then the critters moved in

And it really was a sin

There were flowers growing from the dash

So I drained her of her oil

And I filled her full of soil

And even added a little bird bath


The neighbors started to banter

Hell he's used it as a planter

It was then I knew I made a splash

I began to plan my sculpture

I became a total vulture using

Whatever I could find in the trash


First I took some old lamps

And I welded them down

To the hood kinda like a crown

Then I built a frame on which

I spelled my name with some

Head lamp and old hubcaps


There were spirals going up

and circles made of stuff

Looked like the circus

Had crash landed at the dump

And became frozen in time

Nearly forming a straight line

 From here to heaven above


I finally made the local paper

Some fancy critic seemed to savor

A certain "je ne sais croix"

I have gone from total zero

Becoming a local hero

And everybody now just loved

What they saw


But then the whole thing grew

Too heavy for the base of that ol' Chevy

And began to teeter in the wind

I tried to brace her to the house

But the whole thing cantered south

And that's when the roof gave in


You could hear the whole town cuss

As that sucker bit the dust

There were pieces in the park across town

It was beyond my imagination

Nearly killed by my creation

Fate had gone and taken away

My princely crown


But in her prime she was a beauty

Always faithful to her duty

I even drove her to my high-school prom

And got a lot of recreation

In the back seat direction

With a girl who would one day be your mom


Copyright  2001 Andrew Hunt

All rights reserved.