Junkie for Your Love, by Andy Hunt


My baby's already packed

I got a pocket full a money

But there's nowhere left to go

In your land of milk and honey

So just stay here buy the fire

Let the embers burn a hole

While our love goes up in smoke

And turns the sky black as coal


The daggers in your hand

My grave's already dug

So go ahead and kiss me

Cause I'm a junkie for your love


I'm a junkie for your love

I'm just a junkie for your love


Oh my dear is that the tolling of a bell

Or just some music that I hear?


I got a taste for something sweet

But it's bitter just the same

I get a trembling in my bones

At the mention of your name

Are you gonna make me honey

Get on my hands and and knees

and crawl

Like some desperate ol' addict

Suffering from withdrawal


copyright 2001 Andrew Hunt

All rights reserved.