Broken Wheel... (Hayden's Ferry/Rustic)


"This New York City based Iowa native is not afraid to tackle big issues in his country songs, whether it's religious tolerance and fanaticism ("In My Blood") or militarism ("Soldier's Song"). But he's even more resonant singing about commonplace subjects such as long- term relationships, as in The Sweetest Thing. (Not surprisingly, his wife Nancy provides harmony as well as some lead vocals throughout) And the all too true Honky Tonks laments the state of modern country music from the viewpoint of an unrepentant, grizzled troubadour, stating “this crowds a little too beautiful for a country boy like me”. Hunt is a songsmith with an acoustic guitar but the arrangements sometimes rock with a Steve Earle/Lucinda Williams feel, as on the opener "Momma's Crazy". And to drop another name (as reviewers are bound to do), fellow New Yorker Chip Taylor is not a bad comparison for Hunt's brand of back porch sophistication."


The Roots Music Report (The #1 Independent International Music Charts in the World) has Andrew Hunts Broken Wheel CD at Number 8!!! and climbing up from 18 last week in it's short 9 weeks on the Roots Rock charts. You can track the progress yourself by clicking :

Freeform American Roots (FAR) Chart has Andrew Hunts Broken Wheel CD at number 24!!!

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